Adeton Android App Allows Shop Owners to Own Mini-Websites

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Online shopping allows for many conveniences that are too many to list. For shop owners, the major hurdles have been setting up a website and managing the site, and listing your product(s). Managing the website, alone, sometimes requires extra hands. Although social networks are beginning to cover those, there seems to be more room for more apps specifically targeted at shop owners.

Adeton allows merchants and shop owners to set up websites and run them, within its app. The app, which currently runs on Android, also requires customers who are looking for similar services to download the app to be able to find them.

For shop owners, they are able to choose a unique Adeton-specific url which makes it easy for customers to find them on the app. For example, a vulcaniser in Tema could choose as its unique address, and that would only be accessible within the app. This is quite helpful. Adeton offers shop owners a Homepage, Catalog section, Blog, Gallery and a page dedicated to information about your services/offers. Shop owners are also able to create multiple sites, and manage them effectively.

The free app was developed by Background Labs, in Koforidua. The team is focused on building Android apps, and it’s led by De-Great Yartey. He had this to add…

Affording a website along with maintenance and updates do not go well for small and medium enterprises. Adeton eliminates this barrier and helps them put their business online and manage it themselves using their smartphone.. All for free forever.

With many e-commerce sites coming up, this is also a great way to have all the products and services in one place. Its curated products-and-services approach will make sense for any users/customers who know exactly what they are looking for, and would want to use the app.

The app is currently on Android, and you can download it from the Play Store.

If you have ever owned a shop, how have you publicised your items or put them online? Share your comments, experiences below. The developers will be reading.


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