Women in Tech Africa Announces Women in Tech Week 2017

women in tech week 2017 poster

Women in Tech Africa is a membership charity supporting women working in technology across Africa to positively Support their Communities. With membership of over 30 countries on the continent and in the diaspora including Ghana, Kenya and London, South Africa and Nigeria and others, the group has been at the front of empowering women to be active in STEM fields all over the continent. One of the groups highlights is the yearly Women In Tech Week.

This event started last year by Women in Tech Africa, attracting a large number of groups globally. The event in 2016 achieved a large number of milestones

  • Connecting over 10,000 women virtually and physically
  • Supporting the training of 300 girls in Arduino, Raspberry, scratch programming in Africa
  • Africa’s Largest and First Women in Tech Event.
  • Multiple Mentions in the Media across BBC and All Media During the Women in Tech Week

Ethel Cofie, founder of Women In tech Africa adds, This 1-week festival also provides us the opportunity to train and discuss with thousands of women around the globe both physically and virtually on issues on Technology, Entrepreneurship, Work-life balance, and Leadership annually. This gathering is a great opportunity for women globally to come together to network, share and empower each other to improve and push forward technological growth agenda.

The week-long event which runs from September 19 – 23 will simultaneously take place in countries such as Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mauritius, Botswana, Cape Verde, China, Germany, United States of America, Canada, Belgium, UK with events supporting the growth of women in technology and the African growth using technology. More than 10,000 participants from across Africa and the diaspora are expected to be part of the event.

Additionally Women in Tech Week also gives individuals and organizations the opportunity to create their own user generated women in tech week to enable a global collective impact using technology. For information on how to book for and create an event, visit www.womenintechweek.com or check out the hashtag #womenintechweek17

Among the many other activities that Women In Tech Africa is committed to, they are active in the following:

  • Programming to support children choosing Science Technology and Math Careers
  • Training Female entrepreneurs on the use of technology to grow their business
  • Networking and Thought Leadership Events for Women in Tech
  • Partnering with industry players to bring job and growth opportunities to our members.

For more information, visit womenintechafrica.com