Edtech and Fintech: The Internet Offers New Opportunities For Success

The global edtech market is often seen as one of the most prosperous markets for the next years. Especially for such a country like Ghana with an incredible high population of young people, it is deemed to be essential to give the students the right measures for learning and for building up the needed skills.

The similar can be said about the fintech market. Using apps to have money available (like M-Pesa) or sending money faster and cheaper then ever by using online money transfer apps opens real benefits to many, many people.

Thus, Edtech and fintech are two fast growing businesses which let you benefit of the technical achievements of state of the art internet apps.


The Internet Brings Wealth

As the internet becomes increasingly available across the world, Africans are finding opportunities for success are becoming more accessible. This is because of the enormous range of online courses on the internet. The internet is a bridge from poverty to wealth, it offers entrepreneurial opportunities and education which brings learning and success to Africans throughout the continent, with the only requirement being a reasonable internet connection. If Africans embrace these technologies, they will open doors for themselves and future generations. These opportunities are available through online courses on computers as e-learning or mobile smartphones as m-learning.


The Internet Brings Affordable Education

By accessing the internet many people have access to education. Brick-and-mortar institutions incur many costs associated with attending for an education. By studying online, you are paying for course materials prepared for you and ready to go. There’s an enormous range of courses available online, from school level to university and plenty of college courses. These resources allow you to develop an academic career, or gain the skills and qualifications necessary for a higher-paying and skilled day job. It’s more affordable to download an m-learning or e-learning course on a device than to attend an institution.

Join the New Economy of Mobile Money

Electronic devices can link you to an economic world online. There’s plenty of fintech resources available to help you manage your money and complete online money transfers. Fintech is financial technology software provided by businesses to you, offering financial services. These services will offer you opportunities to control and manage your money, as well as keep it safe. You can find opportunities to earn money online yourself, through teaching on an e-learning or m-learning course. Online money transfers allow you to have complete control of where your money goes and who to. The fintech available today eliminates the need for a bank account and will allow you to be more involved in the economy and improve your standard of living.

Jump Straight into the Digital Age

Digital technology is widely available to Africans, as there is no need for any previous infrastructure to be built on. Affordable technology and online services are available right now, no previous physical infrastructure is needed therefore causing a leapfrog affect, and the opportunity to surpass challenges that previous generations faced.

E.g. there is a rising amount of local and regional edtech companies which provide products and materials for online courses and exam preparations, the classical fields of m-learning. This table of African e-learning providers illustrates a list of edtech startups in several countries.


Africa’s Opportunity to Harness Digital Technologies

Because of the inherent accessibility to technology, Africans are increasingly finding themselves overtaking their peers elsewhere as they access fintech and edtech, allowing them to educate and better themselves. With edtech, educational technology, the motivated people of Africa can better their prospects, while fintech allows them to manage their money better. Online remittance also means money can be transferred from and to other countries at very low fees, meaning that Africans can work away from home and see their cash flow into their countries and their families, as well as pay for online services abroad. Online remittance is playing a big part in benefiting a modern Africa.


Bringing Digital Technologies to Life in Africa

Edtech, m-learning, e-learning, online remittance and plenty of others can all be implemented into African lifestyles. By supplying internet access to as many countries and people in African as possible, opportunities to improve an individual’s lives and their communities are enormous. Internet access is a fast, affordable and reliable way to bring wealth, prosperity and education to Africans all over the continent.


Many Countries in Africa Already Benefit from the Internet Age

In 2016 the top ten countries with highest number of internet users are in order: Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Uganda, Sudan, Ghana and Tanzania. This is fantastic news for those countries, but it’s important to keep spreading coverage to other countries in Africa, so everyone can benefit from a more connected world. These countries use the internet to set up businesses, transfer funds and learn new skills, we need to see this access for all Africans.


Top 10 Internet Countries in Africa, June 2016


The Inequality of Network Coverage

4G networks are the fastest internet networks available. 4G is found in many countries, but often concentrated in cities, meaning that people in rural areas often find it harder to access a decent internet connection.


Why a Fast and Affordable Network is Important

Those with faster internet connections will inevitably find more opportunities through their greater capacity to download more content and stream more media, meaning that people living in more rural areas are more likely to miss out. If the internet is to be used to benefit people’s lives, it must be affordable, fast, stable and secure to allow services such as e-learning and online money transfers to occur.


The Drawbacks of some Learning Platforms

Many e-learning and m-learning courses require huge amounts of data in order to download course materials. These include media such as videos and webinars. Those with a better internet connection are more likely to be educated and develop better skills.


How to Overcome Difficulties in Rural Areas

M-learning is an important feature of the digital age in order to overcome these inequalities. Mobile phones use less data than tablets and computers, and are often cheaper and easier for those in rural and poorer areas to access. This enables them to download and enjoy the same content as those in the city.

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