Empower Office Suites, Accra’s Newest Co-working Space

empower office suites octagon accra gharage

Being a part of a growing tech community affords new startups the opportunities to grow, make fewer mistakes, and thrive better. One of such enabling physical environments for a community is a co-working space. Today, we debut Accra’s newest co-working space, the Empower Office Suites.

Even from the name, you can tell Empower Suites has some class to it. The space was created to bolster the efforts of entrepreneurs, across the city. With the aim of fostering a productive work environment, the Empower Office Suites provide furnishings and office equipment, ready for your business to move in any day. There are basically four(4) types of membership, being Virtual Office Member, Private Office Member, Co-working, and Office/Conference Room Members.

The flexible structure of the suites also align with teams with changing staff sizes. For example, for startups who have staff who are more likely to work remotely, this could be a good place for you. Wanting businesses to focus on real work, the co-working space also provides professional support services including world class IT and telecoms infrastructure.

Empower Office Suites is located on the 8th Floor of Block A in The Octagon, located between National Theatre and Novotel, providing access to general services as the location is quite in the middle of the busiest parts of Accra. Aside the various vantage business and amenities around, the co-working space also offers other amenities including car parking, open desks, online booking, high speed internet, cleaning, etc.

Among other things, the co-working space is expected to have an in-house incubator, The Coral Reef Innovation Lab(CRIL). CRIL will be available to help startups kick-off their businesses, and provide advisory services for other business who come to the Empower Office Suites to work.

With the growing number of co-working spaces across the country, the addition of Empower Office Suites and its location adds some dynamic to the rest of the space located in Accra. Do check out the place some time; it’s a breath of new energy.