Nsesa Foundation’s Project iSWEST Wants to Spur Industrial Revolution In Africa

project iswest 2017 poster on gharage

Many high school students are finding interests in programming. Joining various coding schools, dabbling in personal projects, etc. are various means of immersing themselves in the technologies that they have become quite accustomed to using. Since the launch of Code.Org a few years ago, coding has become quite profound around the world and Nsesa Foundation is not missing out.

Nsesa Foundation is run by a group of young audacious minds who have a vision to spur an industrial revolution in Africa. Since 2013, expect 2016, the foundation has run its flagship program, Project iSWEST to back the vision of empowering young Ghanaians to learn to use technology to change society. And they have already proved successful in some of the past participants.

Project iSWEST, meaning, Innovating Solutions with Engineering, Science and Technology, is usually 3-week and runs in August. This year, like others, the participants have been given hands-on training in Computer Programming, Arduino, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Isaac Sesi, Vice President of Operations, spoke on the project,
Our vision is to is spur an “Innovation Revolution” in Africa, a movement in which young people across the length and breadth of the continent are developing innovative solutions to problems in their communities using STEM. We want to make this vision possible.

Broken into 3 phases, the project began with the Workshop Phase which introduces the students to computer programming and the various concepts they need to know to be able to util minimum viable products within their time at the program. The next phases, which lasts 11 days, begins with identifying a problem in society that technology can solve. It then continues with building an MVP as the solution. The final day, 26th August, is dubbed “The Pitch Day”. On this day, the teams, as they have always been, will pitch their projects, and the product they built over the past 3 weeks, and awarded by merit.

A section of the students at Project iSWEST 2017 | Photo Credit: Project iSWEST Website

Having been a part of such a program before myself, I see how such bootcamps will help students to be conversant with programming tools and technologies, so they can go on to build great products for the future.

It might be late to join this year’s iSWEST if you’re a high school student, but next year’s will definitely be open for you. Do check out the Nsesa Foundation website for more information on Project iSWEST and other programs.