DevCongress is Organising a September Meetup

devcongress meetup september 2017

Whew! How fast time has flown this year. Already, we’re hitting our fourth(can you believe it?) meetup in 2017. We resumed DevCongress meetups last year, and have worked at keeping it going for a long time. The next one comes off this Saturday, 2nd September, 2017.

In the past, we have tried and succeeded in several outlines of the meetups. Remember the one we had with the Andela folks? That was quite a good one, with all the fire Prosper Otemuyiwa and co spewed on us. This Saturday’s meetup will take the new form we started at the last meetup — having some talks, then proceeding with a discussion.

As opinionated as many developer decisions are, some of them just come down to best practices and cannot be argued much. For the ones that can, we give an opportunity to hear stories/use cases and successes of other people’s opinions.

This time, we have been privileged to have Workshed host us. If you live in the Spintex – Teshie – Sakumono area, this is your hood! We want you to rep!

Also sponsoring this September’s meetup is WIT Solutions.

The main talks for Saturday are:

This time, the discussion will be about databases. We will be having a discussion about the Pros/Cons of the different databases available, from NoSQL to SQL databases. Bring your experience to the table and share with others.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of DevCongress, we are the most active developers’ community in Ghana. You can join our Slack community where we talk about everything and anything. We also have specific channels for other important stuff such as product testing and feedback.

Come learn and share. We really want to see you on 2nd September at Workshed, and we mean it. We want a more personal interaction with our guests and over 600 developers; join the DevConrgess Slack group via if you’ve not already.

Special thanks to Workshed for allowing us to host the event at their co-working space. If you are looking for a space to work at in Accra, please go and check them out. They have a nice place. You’ll see for yourself.

Oh, and Saturday will be another fun event you’d not want to miss. Even if you have plans for the Devless hackathon, make some time and pass by. You can register on egoTickets or even add the event on your Google Calendar right now.