Envyl, formerly Shypmate, Is Back But There Are Caveats

Many Ghanaians look forward to buying items for international retail stores, be it Amazon, Walmart, etc. The thought even before buying them usually is how you will receive the items here in Ghana. Since 2014, Shypmate had been a go-to for many people with such concerns.

Over the past month, lots of folks had expressed concern as the Y Combinator startup had gone quiet for a while. This was shortly after the startup changed to its new name, Envyl. Early Friday morning, the team, released a communique, to help catch up with their customers.

Being a startup, it’s easy to make changes, just to get things to work and provide good customer service. And that seems like what Envyl wants to do for now. They are making a few restricting changes which will in turn help them serve their customers better. The changes, though temporary, are effective from 2nd September 11:59PM, EST.

First, Envyl is now concentrating on only orders from Ghana. In the past, they had received Nigerian orders too, but it looks like things have changed now, at least in the mean time. Also, Envyl is receiving orders from only Amazon. Although it’s the favourite store for lots of shoppers, restricting orders to only Amazon will cut out a lot of other shops who may be offering sales, considering that there’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday within the next 2 months.

Finally, as the team communicates, “There will be a weekly limit to the amount of orders you can place. In order to be fair to everyone, this will be on a first come first serve basis. The order limit will not be disclosed, however once the weekly limit has been reached, you will no longer be able to place orders for that given week.”

Even though these restrictions have been set, it’s better at least, to be back in business, as lots of competitors as looking to step into the market. If you missed Envyl, they are back. Your orders can now go through, but remember the caveats.