8 Startups, to Pitch for EUR 20,000 at HiiL Innovating Justice BoostCamp

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Justice systems around the world have existed for ages. For deeply-rooted mostly-governmental sectors, it’s usually difficult to have any innovation happening in there. It’s been the focus of HiiL since 2015 to promote startups which innovate within the justice/legal system.

HiiL, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ford Foundation, is delighted to invite you to the Innovating Justice Boostcamp West Africa. The event will feature pitches by the most innovative, disruptive legal- and justice ventures in West Africa in hopes of receiving acceleration funding of up to €20.000 per start-up.

Having gone through quite a rigorous selection process, HiiL has selected 8 startups from West Africa, 4 from Ghana who will be pitching for EUR 20,000 equity free grant on the 15th September at Impact Hub, Accra. This grant will be available to at least one of the startups who pitch.


Here’s a quick description to each startup which will be pitching at Friday’s event.

  1. Law Padi – Nigeria
    Online platform with a chat bot and providing legal service on divorce, employment, property and patent.
  2. Legit Car – Nigeria
    Theft-deterrent system using sms
  3. BenBen – Ghana
    Land transaction via mortgage, blockchain
  4. Vertex – Ghana
    Legal insurance
  5. The Chief Mediates – Ghana
    Mediation skills for traditional leaders
  6. INdenture – Ghana
    Crowdsourced land registry
  7. LegaSoba – Mali
    Legal information online
  8. Cabinet Gaiba – Senegal
    Legal information online

Here are details for the event:
Venue: Impact Hub, Accra
Date: 15th September, 2017
Time: 2:00pm GMT
Tickets: Free

Register on Eventbrite to reserve a seat (Only 100 seats available)

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