AgroCenta Wins Seedstars Accra 2017, Heading to Geneva

agrocenta wins seedstars accra 2017

AgroCenta founders | Photo Credit: AgroCenta, Twitter

Seedstars for 4 years now has been looking forward to bringing out the best startups across the world to receive funding from, mostly Swiss, investors. For all four years, the team has been to Ghana to find the most promising startups, most of which have been on to great feat after their participation in the program. AgroCenta has just won the 2017 Edition of Seedstars Accra.

Agrocenta has been in the news recently. After being crowned one of 2 winners at a recent AgriHack event in Ivory Coast, looks like the agritech startup is on to something. The night saw several other startups pitch, most of which were mainly tech startups.

Here’s a list of the acts for the night.

  1. AgroCenta
  2. Edwom Ghana
  3. Invest Mobile
  4. Jamjar Company
  5. Anitrack
  6. Clive
  7. Amatsii
  8. Eiko Health

From Retail Tower, all through to Asoriba, and Chalkboard Education last year, Seedstars has been birthing the rise of most of these startups across board. Together with the perks of going to compete in Geneva at Seedstars World early next year, this year’s startups get to benefit from the various partnerships Seedstars has formed over the past year, which will expand the network of the startups and provide access to a lot more mentors, etc. Most importantly, there is a prize package consisting of up to $ 1 Million in equity investment and more in cash and in-kind prizes.

This also seems to fall in line within the theme of the rise of agritech startups as the KIC is partnering with Impact Hub to organise the Kosmos Innovation Center Business Booster happening later in the year!

To AgroCentra, more kudos!