You Are Invited to Write About Tech In Ghana on gharage

Since 2013, we have brought you many stories covering tech in Ghana. The goal behind gharage is to have a blog which encompasses technology in Ghana. We have focused almost all our stories on Ghana for this reason, and still do.

Over the 4 years, we have had 13 contributors, who have shared their various passions and expertise on subjects like listing on the Ghana Alternative Exchange, internet privacy, going cashless, and most recently rethinking banking in Ghana. We would love to have even more contributors join us. We want you to!

With over 300 posts spanning several topics in tech, we want to cover even more. With a couple of changes coming up soon, we invite you to join us in sharing Ghana’s tech stories. You don’t need to be perfect writer, you just have to be able to communicate your points, and we’ll help you publish, in your name. You take all the credit.

We believe there are a lot more people out there who want to write, and may have valid opinions about several issues relating to tech in Ghana. Whether it’s a new government tech system you’re not happy about, or a village tech project which deserves commendation, the world wants to hear you on gharage, from wherever you are in Ghana. So we are inviting you, now actively, to come and join gharage to continue to be Ghana’s most trusted news source on technology and its happenings.

As you have always done, you can also send in your commendations, questions, and suggestions to make your favourite Ghanaian tech blog stand out. If there’s something you’d wish us to change, we want to hear that too. We want to get better; we can’t without you, our readers.

Our contact lines are open; ready to receive your stories and help you share on the tech matters which are dear to your heart.

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We invite all to come on board, whether as a part of the team, a weekly contributor, or a monthly contributor. Together, let’s share our own tech stories from Ghana, and project our voices.

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