Linux Accra User Group to Commemorate Software Freedom Day on September 16

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Software Freedom Day is a celebration of Free and Open Source Software around the world. If you’re a die-hard Linux user, you’re probably familiar with this day. In Ghana, the day is most commemorated by the Linux Accra User Group (L.A.U.G), and mostly observed at the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT. toward this year’s celebration happening on 16th September, I caught up with Edward Baidoo, one of the brains at L.A.U.G.


  • What is the Linux Accra User Group (L.A.U.G) about?

It is a community of people from different walks of life, passionate about Linux as well as free and open source software right here in Accra, Ghana.
We meet weekly for tutorial sessions on Linux, as well as the various open source softwares available.
Also, we share in people’s experiences using Linux and other Open Source Software and applications.


  • And Software Freedom Day, what’s that about?

It is a worldwide celebration of Free Software and Open Source Software(FOSS) which is held annually, in September. The goal is to help educate the public about its benefits, be it to governments, businesses, or private individuals.


  • Some activities of Linux Accra:

Runs a mentoring program whose activities include installing distributions for newcomers.
– Helping solve Linux related issues, while advocating the benefits of Linux.
– Teach members about the Linux kernel and on how to use Linux and FOSS for Information security, Application and web development and other IT related tasks.
– Discuss current happenings in the free software / open-source movement, among other things.

LAUG is also dedicated to making known in Ghana the importance of Open Source Software in Ghana


  • Why software freedom day means a lot to the group?

Open source software has proven time and again, that it can hold it’s own against proprietary software. The goal in this celebration is to educate the public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business — in short, everywhere! The non-profit organization Software Freedom International coordinates SFD at a global level, providing support, giveaways and a point of collaboration, but volunteer teams around the world organize the local SFD events to impact their own communities.


  • Why should other people care about the event and the group?

Here’s why:
would you rather buy software from companies that place restrictions on what you can and can’t do with the software you paid for (just so they can constantly take from your income with license renewals), or would you instead support, be a part of and utilise free software to solve these same issues at no cost?
You have a lot of people that are always ready and available to help you when the need arises.
These softwares can be used in almost every aspects of our lives without worrying about extra hidden costs and restrictions.

This event (SFD) is crucial to civic education in that regard; and it’s the ultimate goal for the group(LAUG) .

If you love and use free software, as almost everyone does, and Linux Accra User Group would love you to come celebrate Software Freedom Day with them. Sign up here.