This WhatsApp Widget for Website Owners Cost Only $5

whatsapp website widget by pemtiumtech

With over 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is currently the largest messenger application on the market. In Ghana, over 90% of smartphone users have WhatsApp, which puts your potential customer is on WhatsApp.

This is what inspired the team at Pentiumtech to design a widget that allows you to integrate WhatsApp into your website, thereby enabling you to chat with anyone who goes to your website right from within WhatsApp!

According to Kingsley Abrokwah (Team Lead) and Gideon Boateng (Tech Lead) from Pentiumtech, it takes less than 5 minutes to get this widget on your website as they have demonstrated on their own website The integration is done via the Whatsapp send API endpoint, which allows for this integration. To enable them cater for the cost of maintaining and improving upon this nifty innovation, the team charges a token of US$ 5 to complete the integration for their clients.

How Does It Work?

  1. You designate a WhatsApp number which will be used for the integration.
  2. PentiumTech then gives you a script which your paste in your website code, or they do that for you.

That’s it! Anyone who goes onto your site will the WhatsApp icon and can tap on it to chat with you!

The widget in use on the PentiumTech website. Icon in the lower left of the screenshot.

Its quite exciting the timing of this widget which has not only been made very easy to use, but also gives users the advantage of seeing the potential WhatsApp Business when launched can bring to them.

The widget is available for download on GumRoad or you can contact the team on or email to get set up.

If you have a website, and you have WhatsApp, this is a widget you can consider for responsive customer service interactions. This widget was built to help you have a great relationship with your customers.