Bisa, Kudigo Make Shortlist of 35 Startups for DEMO Africa 2017

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Earlier this year, the DEMO team was in town, to find a complementary startup to join the many others who will be pitching at DEMO Africa later this year. Practical Education Network won the Accra event, and got a complementary ticket. However there were many other startups who sent in applications to be a part of the event.

Within those applications from Ghana, only two made it to the shortlist list of 35 startups who are likely to pitch on 23-24 November 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The two Ghanaian tech startups who made that list are Bisa, and Kudigo. Within this list of 35 to be finally vetted, 26 will be chosen to add to the 4 regional ones, to make a total of 30 startups who will eventually pitch at DEMO Africa.

Bisa, which means “to ask” in Asante Twi, provides a front for consumers to interact with general practitioners through a mobile app. Sometime in June last year, we covered them on here, and also later talked about their agreement with ILO sometime in August 2016.

Kudigo is quite a recent entrant. It’s exciting to know that such a new startup has great potential for DEMO and will be visible to many investors and stakeholders later this year. Kudigo, as we explained some weeks ago, is a retail POS made with provision stores in mind. And already, they have struck some strategic partnerships which will put them right in front of the target customers in Ghana. More to come on that soon.

The shortlist of 35 startups spanning the 10 countries are:

  1. All Bosses, Botswana, Research.
  2. Temateq, Cameroon, Media – Gaming.
  3. Godayuse, Egypt, Media – Hospitality.
  4. Bisa, Ghana, Health.
  5. KudiGo In., Ghana, Fintech.
  6. Chimera IoT LLC, Kenya, Cleantech.
  7. Mobar Limited, Kenya, Retail.
  8. Shield Enterprise, Kenya, Fintech.
  9. ZOA Tech Limited, Kenya, Fintech.
  10. Daktari Africa, Kenya, Health.
  11. Taz Technologies, Kenya, Logistics.
  12. Optimetriks, Kenya, Retail.
  13. Mobile Forms Africa, Nigeria, Research.
  14. GameBase Limited, Nigeria, Media – Gaming.
  15. Atele Advanced Solutions, Nigeria, Energy.
  16. Peachwater Consulting, Nigeria, Energy.
  17. Suvenia, Nigeria, eCommerce.
  18. Medsaf, Nigeria, Health.
  19. Pepperest, Nigeria, Fintech.
  20. Pesea Techsolutions, Nigeria, EdTech.
  21. Lithium Technologies, Nigeria, EdTech.
  22. JokkoText, Senegal, eCommerce.
  23. K Measure Pty Ltd, South Africa, EdTech.
  24. Picadoo, South Africa, eCommerce.
  25. Ironhead Trading, South Africa, eCommerce.
  26. Tapsnapp, South Africa, eCommerce.
  27. Airbuy, South Africa, Retail.
  28. FinChatBot, South Africa, Fintech.
  29. Intelligent Routing, South Africa, Logistics.
  30. Power Plus Energy, South Africa, Energy.
  31. Rooster, South Africa, Media.
  32. Mobbisurance, South Africa, Fintech.
  33. Sellio, Uganda, eCommerce.
  34. Dadala, Zimbabwe, Fintech.
  35. Dr CADx, Zimbabwe, Health.

We look forward to having both Bisa and Kudigo make the 30, together with Practical Education Network. Kudos to these 3.


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