Farmart is Changing the Way Farmers Sell Their Goods

farmart farmer's market

With the many agritech startups from Ghana making waves, we look at one of the growing ones which is helping to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers. Starting operations a little close to 2 years ago, Farmart is working to becoming a household name as the farmers’ marketspace. We reached out to Abraham Omani Quaye, the CEO and had the following korero.


What is Farmart? Tell us more about the company.

We are an online farmer’s market that links farmers to households and businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and food processors in a whole new smart way. Customers visit our website to shop for a wide range of fresh farm produce and groceries such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry products. Orders are then delivered at their convenience whether at home or office and charge a nominal fee for the delivery. We currently deliver to Accra, Tema, and Kasoa.


What makes Farmart special and why should our readers and potential customers care?

Farmart helps customers save time, money and energy. Customers can now sit at the comfort of their homes or office and order their fresh produce without going through the usual shopping hassle, traffic and scorching sun. Our produce are also sourced at farm gate prices which makes them very fresh and affordable making customers save money on their shopping budgets.


What are some of the successes you are proud of? Which ones keep you going?

We currently have 250 registered users, about 3-dozen businesses, fulfilling quite a growing number of orders and working with over 200 farmers. However, we will love to keep our metrics on the low since we believe we can do more. We have also been selected in the 2017 Tony Elumelu Enterpreneurship program, and that makes us excited.


Tell us about your team? Who does what?

Abraham Omani Quaye, I am the founder and CEO of Farmart Ghana, an agriculturist from KNUST and a web developer. I oversee the general operations of the company. Patrick Kwame Bechem was the past programs manager at Akuafo TV, Ghana’s first Agric TV station and is the Head of Business Operations over here, who is in charge of sourcing daily orders from the farmers and getting them delivered to our customers through our delivery partners. We also have two other team members in charge of sales and marketing.


How can readers get in touch with you?

Our websiteFacebook, Twitter, and on Instagram. They can also email us at [email protected]


Is there something profound you’d like to share with us. Any anecdotes?

The company was bootstrapped on October 2015 from my house and we started getting orders from 2016. The feeling of receiving our first order was simply amazing. We initially made deliveries ourselves by using our own transport means but now have delivery partners who handle our deliveries after we reached a good agreement with them. And now, we have launched Farmart Marketplace that allows customers to buy bulk discounted produce direct from farmers and our new FarmartBox, a box of different fruits, vegetables or mixed produce which models the one click order. Customers will not have to choose individual produce to add to cart but simply choose a box to order or customise it to include their preferred fruits and vegetables. This can be done weekly or monthly on subscription basis at


Is there a way people can reach you?

Yes, my email is [email protected], if anyone wants to reach out.


Thanks, we are glad you had the time for us.

You’re welcome. Happy to have you as well.