Suapon Helps Tertiary Students To Share Educational Resources

suapon tertiary students share educational resources

Julius Kyere, a current Computer Engineering undergraduate has seen the need to solve a problem he usually faces, during his study in Sunyani. He and a couple of friends have built Suapon, a web app they hope will help students across various universities share recourses.

Suapon provides a platform for tertiary students in the country to interact and share educational materials. The aim behind launching such a service is to enhance peer-to-peer learning among students. To Julius and his team at Pesewa Developers, peer-to-peer learning will helps students who want answers to certain questions but don’t know where to look, ask their colleagues for answers

Students usually have similar curricular, and recommendations for reading materials. Suapon also give help such students find lecturers’ recommended books that will augment their knowledge of courses.

The team at Pesewa Developers is made of students from the University of Energy and Natural Resources, in Sunyani. The team of five members was formed the Julius aw the need for students to rise up and use the knowledge they gain to solve problems in society. Accordingly, having a similar dream, Julius Asante Kyere (Backend Developer), Ezekiel Twum (Backend developer), Abdul Passum Gaffar (UI designer), Andrew Gyan (Marketer and Social media Promoter) and Awiah Rojer (Graphic designer) hope to see Suapon help them achieve their goals.

Catch up with the team’s happenings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or shoot them an email at

If you’re a student, you can take a look at what Suapon is doing, and share your comments as well.


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