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Financial literacy is one of the many values we are thought when growing up. Saving money, making wise investments, etc. all come into play when you think of being able to by anything, in the future. It’s no surprise that there are apps that are able to help you preserve that investment habit. InvestXD is one of such apps.

InvestXD is a financial investment service/app which makes it easy for young professionals to discover investment products from different financial institutions, invest online and thereafter monitor the performance of their portfolio.

The usual thing with investments would be to have a manager at your services but InvestXD makes the process even more simpler, giving you the power to chose, and make the investments yourself. A couple of weeks ago, I had thought of signing up for an international trading account, so immediately I heard about InvestXD, it made a lot of sense to me, and I signed up.

Most banks might have their own services for investments, etc. but it’s even more excellent and convenient to have them all on one website, which is why InvestXD exists. For new users who have no idea how to go about their first investments and the many financial jargons, the team provides a learning module for you.

The startup charges a management fee of between 1 and 3% on investments and that’s how they make money. InvestXD promises the ease of investing at your convenience from your phone or laptop, discovering high yielding investments with better rates.

Also, it was nice to notice that I didn’t have to fill forms again. Most of the information you need for all investments is quite similar. Finally, you can monitor the performance of your portfolio anywhere at anytime.

Within their pilot, the 3-man team has already helped young professionals invest over GHS5000. Although fairly new, the startup has already partnered with 7 top investment firms to help serve their young clients.

An all-MEST team, it seems to have the good blend of geographical traits MEST hopes to achieve with expanding to other parts of Africa. Andrew Nduati Njage, a Kenyan with background in Business and Administration handles Backend Development, Emmanuel Akin-Awokoya from Nigeria, who’s into Engineering and Networking takes care of Design and User Experience and Richard Yao Baku, a Ghanaian caters to Business Development and Customer Acquisition.

The team is based at the MEST Incubators, and has reach on on Twitter, Facebook, and their website as well.

For your investment need and other inquiries, reach Yao on 0204264743 or at [email protected].

With the many fintech startups targeting mobile payments, it’s great to know that there are other startups who think of investments, etc.