forLoop Ghana: As it happened

The maiden forLoop event in Ghana took place on Saturday at iSpace. This is a summary and a recap of how things unfolded at the event.

With Edem Kumodzi hosting the event, Miishe Addy started us off with a talk on humility and the home court advantage afforded to up and coming entrepreneurs on the continent and illustrated how social connections can help accelerate goals. My take from her talk is that we need not use the west as blueprint but rather use the opportunity to define our own, tailor made to fit whatever our target niche is.

Up next was Michael Soli, a university lecturer, and software engineer. His was a technical talk on system analysis and design. The talk focused on clean coding practices and shared a few tips on how to achieve this.

Then came Neo Ighodaro, CTO,, with a talk titled “Building For The Bahd Guys”. He talked about some of the well known vulnerabilities developers might encounter in their day to day and how to eliminate such vulnerabilities from applications they are building.

A short break after, Chris Nwamba, The JavaScript Preacher, took the stage (I use stage loosely here) and shared some tips on how to improve performance in web applications.

Bubunyo Nyavor, CEO and Founder of AFRadio, gave his talk on how to become a world class developer. The TL;DR is: Share knowledge; Be part of a community;

Tobi Oladele, UX designer at Flutterwave topped it all off with a lightning talk on how to let data guide your application’s design.

In all, it was good and well represented event with a wonderful balance of technical and non-technical talks. I enjoyed myself.