Tech In Ghana Conference Opens at Accra Digital Centre

tech in ghana conference

Earlier this year, AB2020 in collaboration with several other partners launched and hosted the maiden Tech in Ghana Conference in London. The conference brought together stakeholders in tech in Ghana, and their counterparts in the diaspora to promote all that Ghana’s tech has to offer. It was announced later that the conference would have a Ghanaian edition. This morning, the Tech In Ghana conference has opened in Accra, at the Accra Digital Centre.

The 2-day event will highlight locally-developed technology, bringing together government, private sector and key industry leaders, to collaborate on building local tech into world-class systems. In this regard, the conference will have several sessions that highlight the various areas and issues that have the highest interests in the Ghanaian tech sector and may contribute the most to our economy.

Follow updates of the conference via the #TechInGhana hashtag on Twitter.