Competition: The BlockChain Hackathon 2018


In the past few weeks, the news has been filled with bitcoin, the first blockchain powered technology. A testament to its growing popularity as its price continues to soar.

The blockchain which is the underlying technology for bitcoin is a distributed ledger which allows for permanent recording of transactions secured by cryptography. Blockchains are inherently secure by their design, highly fault tolerant and suitable for use in trustless environments.

Blockchain technology is being applied in various problem domains and is considered by many industry stakeholders as the technology of the future. It is by virtue of this that Ashesi D:Lab, Blockchain Society Ghana, Kumasi Hive and DevLess in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and the Association of Ghana Industries are organizing the first Blockchain Hackathon in Ghana.

For this challenge, the most creative and inspiring teams from all over Ghana are invited to design and pitch a blockchain-inspired solution for a supply chain platform for the Ministry of Trade.

The platform aims to enable buyers to engage suppliers in an exchange arrangement that ensures that buyer needs are met while supplier capacity is enabled.

The only requirement for participants is to have a well thought out solution that can help solve the problem.

We want to take real, tough problems that make a big impact to ensure we are creating real value. This is one that affects an entire nation and we are excited to see what kind of innovative solutions the participants come up with.

Mr Yoofi Brown-Pobee , Program Lead, Ashesi D:Lab Hackathon.

The Ashesi D:Lab Hackathon converges students, entrepreneurs, developers and technology enthusiasts to develop creative solutions to important problems in society with a key metric being the impact!

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Registration for teams ends on the 30th of November, 2017.