Car Care Is On A Journey To Transform Every Ghanaian Driver’s Experience

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Owning a car comes with many responsibilities. If you own a public transport vehicle someone else drives, the worries compound even more. For most motorists, there are no proper platforms to cater to all their needs. Car Care wants to make a difference.

Car Care is a mobile application designed for drivers in Ghana to purchase insurance premiums, book roadworthy appointments and get access to on demand services. If you’re a motorist, you already know you’ve found home. Between keeping appointments about renewals, and service checks, etc, having all of them in one place is quite a breath of fresh air.

A complete car kit

Here is what makes Car Care your go-to app.

  1. For insurance, there is price comparison from the different insurance companies in Ghana.
  2. For roadworthy, timely delivery of your car at a roadworthy garage that is handled and delivered to you by our well trained drivers
  3. For on demand service,  you get access to affordable and reliable service providers per your location, available service now are towing services, mechanic services and servicing centers.

The product has been in beta for some time now, and is launching at the end of December — (a good time for Christmas presents) — pushing out Car Care 2.0. Already, the app has about 500 downloads. Yep, you’ve been missing out. If you’ve followed the Roundup for sometime now, Car Care was also featured in the Spotlight of one of the newsletter editions.

Lady O had this to share, “Car Care was started in 2015, we released our beta in November 2015 and we finally launched in October this year. Great feedback and experiences have been captured and we will be launching Car Care 2.0 by the end of November, 2017! Watch out for a much better experience and some new features.”

Don’t miss anything.

Among one of the less trod startups, Car Care is built by Ampersand Labs and is housed at the MEST Incubator. The startup has 7 team members, who keep the engine running. Lady-Omega Hammond is Team Lead and actually was on program at last week’s Tech In Ghana Conference. Angela Akuffo-Addo heads Customer Service, Joel Armah is the bonafide in-house Android developer, Andrew Barnes the iOS / Backend Developer and Ebenezer Anim is Head of Logistics.

Godwin Abenbire is Head of Marketing, and Nana Owusu-Achau isHead of Strategy.

For readers who want to give Car Care 2.0 a try, reach for the Android app at on the Google Play Store, and the iOS app on the App Store or check for more details. They are also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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