DevCongress Is Having A Meetup This Saturday, December 16

devcongress meetup

A beautiful snapshot from our last event at Workshed

It’s been a great year at the DevCongress Meetups. Sometime within the year, we marked the first anniversary of DevCongress Meetups. Once again, we are at the end of another year, and we present the last DevCongress Meetup for 2017.

This time, we’ll be spending time with DevCongress admin and AFRadio founder, Bubunyo Nyavor, listening to what happens “Behind the Scenes at AF Radio”. If you’ve ever wanted to know how a modern radio set works, this is for you.

DevCongress all-star Andrew Smith will also cover an Intro to testing(lightning talk and workshop). In this talk we will hear a little about testing, why its important and the task at hand that we will be working through. We will then pair up and dive into some test writing exercises, so come ready with your laptop! (We’ll provide a repository with some components in JavaScript that you will then need to write tests for, the basic test rig will be provided in the repository).

And we’re changing things a bit this time, you know we like that. For the last DevCongress meetup of the year, the folks at NYU CTED in Labone are hosting us. If you don’t know the place, Google will show you.

Oh, and we have a new home for our meetup events too, on Meetup. Register at

You know you gotta be there.