Kudobuzz Acquires AdGeek

kudobuzz acquires adgeek gharage

2018 has started well for some Ghanaian startups already. Kudobuzz, known for its 5-star e-commerce review app on Shopify has acquired AdGeek. AdGeek, one of MEST’s portfolio companies has a product which helps online merchants to optimize their ads for better ROI. AdGeek is one of the companies we’ve featured in the Spotlight section of the Ghana Tech Roundup Weekly newsletter.

The acquisition was announced by the AdGeek team on their blog earlier today. Benjamin Kissi, explained in his announcement,

We started AdGeek to help online merchants optimize their Ads and increase their sales. Through social reviews and SEO, Kudobuzz helps merchants get social credibility and organic traffic for their products which in turn drive sales. The overarching goal between the two companies is to help merchants succeed with their business by driving sales. This synergy we share is what struck the interest from Kudobuzz and the eventual acquisition.

The AdGeek team has worked diligently to help merchants boost sales by building world class marketing applications. AdGeek helps merchants create retargeting ad campaigns and also to find top audience to target products with. We are happy to know that our efforts in helping merchants was recognized by one of the major companies in the ecomTech space.

Kudobuzz has been one of MEST’s successful startup stories, participating in PitchDrive early some time last year, after their 500 Startups participation in 2015.

A good start to the year, and good motivation for Ghanaian startups providing services other startups will find value in. This is quite a match! Cheers to the new Kudobuzz team.