Cowtribe Provides Vaccine Services to Farmers Across Africa

cowtribe vaccine services across-africa-gharage

African farmers have long relied on traditional means to delivering their services, and vice-versa. For most of them who have not been exposed to agritech, these newer platforms offer better convenience, higher margins and more resistant products. Cowtribe is one of many startups which have farmers at heart. The startup provides vaccines and related services to many farmers across Africa.

The nature of livestock farming makes it necessary for farmers to have vaccines at specified times. This provides a good business case for a startup like Cowtribe to offer them such services just in time. Cowtribe is pioneering cutting edge technology and logistics systems to deliver animal vaccines and other livestock services to last mile farmers in Africa. Customers subscribe and book for routine vaccinations for their animals. Cowtribe then works on the background to coordinate all the processes required to provide these services whenever and wherever they need.

With several informal providers at hand, the startup stands out in several ways. Peter, co-founder speaks to these traits, “We stand out in several ways; the business fundamentals, service quality, and punctual delivery of services. For instance, other providers in the market do not take account for seasonality of farmers incomes. We provide better payment terms, allowing customers to either save towards vaccines or pay after. Scheduled delivery also allows us to keep our providers busy and labor costs low all the time. We also have a methodical growth strategy rooted in partnering with existing partners allowing as to grow with reducing operation cost”.

cowtribe founders peter awin alima bawah gharage
Cowtribe founders, Alima Bawah (L) and Peter Awin (R)

With a market opportunity of 3 billion+, the company has developed a proprietary technology solution to address the ever-growing market it serves. Even more exciting, in the first year alone, Cowtribe has acquired over 29,000 users with 15% compounded monthly growth.

This growth together with a few more improvements has lead to Cowtribe’s current incubation by Fledge, A Seattle based impact accelerator. Cowtribe is co-founded in 2016 by Awin Peter, who can be reached at, and Alima Bawah.

Among other things, Cowtribe prides itself as the only company to provide on-demand animal vaccine delivery in Ghana and the first in Africa.

Can Cowtribe become a household name for on-demand animal vaccine delivery in Africa?