Sturta Launches Marketplace With 1000+ Vetted Professionals

sturta launches marketplace with 1000+ vetted professionals gharage

In September 2018, we featured a new startup, Sturta, which was at the time, beginning operations looking to launch their product to service providers and professionals. Sturta is a marketplace where consumers can find, compare, and book vetted local services in Africa, starting from Ghana.

Over the past 6 months, the company has successfully vetted more than 1000 service providers and professionals, to help serve its customers. Although the initial plan was to launch 5000+ professionals, a thousand is still no easy feat for a startup which is just beginning operations, all in an effort to help build trust with its customer base.

Also, the startup participated in Pioneer, a tournament to provide opportunities to brilliant people around the world. Sturta was among the 5 winners in the second batch of the tournament organised by Daniel Gross of Y-combinator in-partnership with Stripe Inc, Stellar, Marc Andressen, Lambda School and many more.

The startup has now launched with 1000+ vetted local professionals in Accra, its mobile marketplace for local services.

Sturta pits itself against traditional models of finding service providers, like yellow pages, or listings websites, etc. as it looks to build a trusted, curated marketplace to cater to customers.

How are we different than other offerings? Traditionally, companies trying to create a website to cater to the service sector have modelled themselves off of directories or classifieds. Moving these offerings online has completely changed the economics of these industries, but they haven’t improved the product from the consumer’s perspective.

Sturta is moving beyond the traditional directory or classifieds model and creating a genuine marketplace for services, a place where you can evaluate the trustworthiness of a service provider as well as the quality of their service.

We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their service needs at their doorsteps.

Benedict Asamoah, Sturta CEO

Sturta is now live in Accra — you can join as a local professional now or book a service to cater for your needs.