Everwage is Keeping African Employers Accountable With its HR and Payroll Solutions

everwage hr payroll software for african employers

For the Ghanaian employers that do, most of them use payroll and HR solutions that are built abroad. Many of these come with several assumptions on banking services, taxes, address systems, etc. At worst, companies will resort to Excel, which eventually may be too fragile to manage. Everwage wants to make a difference in helping African companies manage their Payroll and HR.

Everwage is a Ghanaian-built payroll and HR solution which has African markets in mind. The software computes relevant statutory deductions, like SSNIT and GRA, and automatically generates reports while allowing customers to send payslips via email or SMS.

Launching barely 3 months ago, the team has already signed up about a dozen companies as at the end of September.

Yaw Arhin, Commercial Manager at Everwage had this to say, “After spending a year to understand Ghanaian payroll and HR functionalities, Everwage was built to serve the needs of the local market. Our users do not have to worry about setting tax tables and filling statutory forms to be sent to (SSNIT and GRA). Employees’ digital files are also kept securely to help manage the human resources in the partner organization.”

Yaw Arhin, Commercial Manager at Everwage
everwage hr payroll software for african employers screenshot
A screenshot of the Everwage dashboard

Kwadwo Seinti, ex-Hubtel CTO and Executive Director leads the team at SPRY Limited, which is located in East Legon. With a staff of less than 10, the team is working to build a product that transcends Ghana into several other African countries. With 3 account staff and a 4-person development team, they are motivated to constantly improve the product to suit their clients’ needs.

The company was founded in 2018.

There haven’t been many local solutions within the HR and Payroll space from local SaaS startups. A recent shot at the HR solutions and payroll market was MEST-funded Paysail which shut down in 2016, after 2 years of operations. Several improvements in the fintech space and some relevant experiences of the SPRY team may prove formidable this time.

For more enquiries, call Everwage on +233(0) 30 294 3218 or email
[email protected] or their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.