The Ultimate Guide to The Best Value-for-Money Bundles on MTN TurboNet [March 2020]

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MTN stormed the market with its 4G-enabled Huawei router, the MTN TurboNet in May 2019. The device has possibly become one of the fastest selling 4G devices around, with several videos and reviews on it.

Late 1st March, 2020, customers received communication via SMS that the devices would be sold now at GHS 500, instead of the original GHS 300, and new bundle prices adjusted.

The new price bundles are very flexible in that they allow you to enter how much you want to give to MTN in return for a data bundle.

It’s straight to the point. However, the tariffs are on a fixed rate. Early Monday morning, I saw this tweet that made that even more telling. So I decided to go a bit further, and try something.

The table below contains prices and their correlating bundles. Where there’s a steep slope is a steep change in rate for just a 10-cedi increment. For example, if you bought GHS 295, you’d get 225 GB, but at GHS 300, you’ll have 325 GB. And that’s quite an increase.

Whatever the amount of data you want to buy, you can reference here to see how much data you’d get for that, so you can plan accordingly.

The Most Efficient Rate

From the table, I also realised we could find out which bundle gave the most return in terms of rate. I did this by dividing the bundle received over the amount spent. For instance, if you bought paid GHS 120 and got 360GB of data, the rate is 3. So for MTN’s current rates, this below shows which bundles give the best value.

To be more specific, the most valuable bundles under GHS 800 are found between GHS 500 and GHS 780. Hover over the bars for more details.